Orignal Whitney Fire Dept

Picture of the First Whitney Fire Department
at 825 Chesnee Hwy

Picture of the Second Whitney Fire Department
220 Bryant RD
Spartanburg, SC

Whitney Fire Department  was organized in 1958 at a meeting in the First Baptist Church of Whitney.  Whitney Fire Department ‘s first station was a two-bay white block building next door to the old Whitney Elementary School.  Whitney’s original truck company consisted of Engine 1(a 1958 Ford American LaFrance) Tanker 3(an International Tanker). Whitney was the third department to charter a rescue squad.  Whitney requested the use of the number 2 for Whitney’s first ambulance (Rescue 2, an old army truck).  In the late 1960’s a wreck on Barnwell Road totaled Engine 1.  The department purchased Engine 4 (a 1967 Ford American LaFrance).  The members of the department rebuilt Engine 1 remounting it with a 1959 model cab.  In 1959 Whitney Fire Department joined the South Carolina Firemen’s Association.

Whitney Area Fire Protection Association was formed by a referendum in 1964 that allowed the department to start collecting taxes on all taxable property at a rate of 3 mills.  In 1969 Whitney Fire Department district passed another referendum to increase the tax millage by 1 giving Whitney a total of 4 mills.  The new revenue produced from this mill increase was used to construct a new 4 bay fire station at 220 Bryant RD (Whitney’s present location).  In 1981 the Fire station was dedicated in memory of T .Wayne Early, fire chief and one of the founding members of Whitney Fire Department , who was killed in a car wreck.  The new addition of 4 bays was built in the late 1980`s giving Whitney at total of 8 bays. in fall of 2012 The station will be renovated and expand for the future.

 In 1985 the department purchased a 1985 Ward Fire Engine (Engine 2).  A second engine was purchased in 1992 (a Quality, which is currently Engine 1) to replace the 1959 Ford American LaFrance Pumper.  In that same year the department also purchased a  1992 Dodge Brush Truck (Brush 1) and a International Tanker (T3). These trucks replaced the oldest trucks of Whitney’s fleet (Trucks 3 and 5).  A 1992 Service Truck was also purchased.  The old refurbished Army Brush Truck 5 was given back to the South Carolina Forestry Commission.  The old refurbished Army Tanker was sold.  In 2001, Whitney replaced the 1992 International Tanker with a 2001 Freightliner.  A 2004 Ford  F250 4×4 quad cab was purchased in 2003. A third engine was purchased in 2006 (a Crimson, witch is currently Engine 4) to replace 1967 Ford American LaFrance Pumper.In August 2007 the 1985 Ward Fire Engine (Engine 2) became a reserve engine at that time

 In 2004 Whitney began to put its plan in motion to convert Whitney to a combination fire department. The first step was to hire the current Fire Chief as paid part-time personnel to oversee the daily operations of the department.  A referendum to increase the tax mill by 12 mills was approved in 2004 giving Whitney a tax millage of 16.  Whitney plans to use the revenue from the millage increase to completely convert Whitney to a combination fire department that will include 3 paid daytime personnel to help protect and serve the Whitney Area Fire District.  Whitney also has future goals of implementing around the clock (24 hour) paid staff which will include first response to aid in the fast relief of medical attention until EMS can arrive.  Whitney members and commissioners are devoted and determined to provide the best service and protection to the Whitney Fire Department District.

On May 17,2005 Whitney Fire Department Commission Board voted to dissolve Rescue 2.

In  2012  Plans made to Construct a new station.

On  October 30,2013 Whitney Fire Department  Move back into the New Station.