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Cheif Shawn Petras




I am extremely privileged to serve as the Fire Chief for this department. Residents who wish to address Whitney Fire District’s needs founded this department in 1958. Our department provides fire suppression, training, fire prevention and medical first response to 11000 people within 9 square miles. We currently have 16 members and support personnel.


Our mission is to provide a professional and caring means of servicing the citizens of the district, as well as the neighboring districts in the event of any emergency that may arise, and to provide public fire safety education to our citizens, so as to assure their continued safety and security. It is our goal to accomplish these objectives through careful planning, and by providing the proper training and equipment to all of our personnel.


I am very proud of our outstanding organization and the quality, dedicated firefighters, officers, and Board of Commissioners that we have. I personally invite you to visit our station anytime.


Please let me know what you think of our Website. Any comments or suggestions for improvement would be helpful and can be emailed to me. “Chief”


Thank you for visiting the Whitney Fire Department .



Shawn Petras

Fire Chief